Alex Nedovizii

seems like you know my name already.

I am holding a camera in my hands since 2003 (or - if we count another way, since 1989 when I got my first TLR camera as a birthday present) and strongly believe in the beauty of the nature surrounding us. So - you guessed it - my favourite genre is landscape. It does not matter for me, would it be film or digital and my passion is to do as much as possible while shooting, in order to avoid long post-processing later.

Other genres I love would be travel and portrait photography. 

Since late 2019 I am also blessed by the possibility to observe the world from above, with my drone. This offers absolutely different point of view, sometimes "just" adding a few meters up and aside, as carrying the ladder would require a bit more effort.

If you like my photos and would like to contact me, drop me a message at

Having that said, thank you for your time visiting this website and reading this text.